Frequently Asked Questions

1/16 inches = .97 Pounds/Square Ft. 3/32″ (single strength) = 1.20 Pounds/Sq Ft. 1/8″ (double strength) = 1.60 Pounds/Sq Ft. 3/16″ (+/- 1/16 tolerance) = 2.51 Pounds/Sq Ft. 7/32″ = 2.82 Pounds/Sq Ft. 1/4″ (+/- 1/16 tolerance) = 3.28 Pounds/Sq Ft. 3/8″ (+/- 3/16 tolerance) = 4.92 Pounds/Sq Ft. 7/16″ = 5.36 Pounds/Sq Ft. 1/2″ (+/- 1/4 tolerance) = 6.56 Pounds/Sq Ft. 3/4″ (+/- 3/8 tolerance) = 9.85 Pounds/Sq Ft. 1″ = 13.13 Pounds/Sq Ft.
We do free estimates on every job, big or small. Call us and we can arrange a visit to come measure.
No, you will need to replace the unit for best results.
Tempered glass is a process in which the glass is heated to make it both stronger and safer.
No, once the glass has been tempered there is nothing that can be done to it. Any cut outs or patterns will need to have been done prior to tempering.
Unfortunately, nothing in glass is standard. The price depends on size, job location, window location, and how it’s installed. You’ll need to consult with us on the specifics of your situation. But the best thing we can do for the most accurate price is to come and look at it ourselves. Once we do that, the price is set and will not change. Call, email, or come visit us to set up your free estimate.
Anything we install, we measure. If you are wanting to place an order for pickup then you can give us the sizes and pick the piece up once it’s ready.
No, we can only replace the glass unit in your existing frame.
No, we don’t do anything related to auto-glass.

Any questions we didn’t answer here, we’d be happy to answer in person, on the phone, or via email.