Tempering is a chemical process which changes the molecular structure of glass through heat. The glass is cut to the specified size, put into an oven, and baked at temperatures reaching well above 1000 degrees. This process strengthens the glass, making it much less prone to breaking and damage against the elements. This process is mainly done for protection. Once a piece of glass is tempered it can no longer be altered or cut down.

If tempered glass breaks it shatters into a bunch of dull pieces instead of larger, hazardous shards.


The most common piece of tempered glass we encounter is door glass. All door glass is required by law to be tempered. People also have their glass tabletops tempered for the safety of others, primarily children.

Other specific situations require tempered glass. If you’re unsure whether you need your window, tabletop, or other piece of glass tempered, we’re happy to consult with you.